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What You Get

The Program

You will have full access to all versions of BJJ Jacked, a 12-week Push-Pull-Legs or Upper-Lower program designed to gain as much muscle as possible for grappling performance. This includes a 2x and 3x per week program to suit your needs and schedule.

The program is delivered via:

  • The BJJ Strong Online Platform
  • Downloadable Program PDF
    (mobile optimised)
  • The Kajabi App¬†
  • TrainHeroic Fitness App
The Fitness App

You will gain instant access to your program on TrainHeroic, a state-of-the-art fitness app. Log your workouts, track your weight selection, built-in rest timers and video demos of Kieren performing every movement. All from your phone.

The Performance Library

A massive performance library of over 370+ videos including:

  • A complete BJJ Mobility Program
  • The 30-Day Jiujitsu Mobility Challenge
  • 45+ Full Length Mobility Follow-Alongs
  • Mobility Exercise Library¬†
  • Strength Exercise Library
  • 7+ Full Length Instructionals including resources, quizzes and more.
The Bonuses
  • Max Gas Tank an 11-week BJJ Conditioning Program
  • Basic Cardio a 20-week BJJ Conditioning Program
  • The BJJ Mobility Program
  • Recovery Course
  • Nutrition Course
  • Coaches Q&A¬†
  • Performance Accelerator Course
  • The BJJ Strong Online Community
  • And¬†so much more!

The Benefits of BJJ Jacked

1. Performance & Protection

Getting Jacked for BJJ will improve your performance, make you stronger, reduce your risk of injury and have a protective effect on your joints.

Larger muscles mean healthier bodies, better sports performance and can improve you as a jiujitsu athlete, particularly as you age.

More muscle and hypertrophy training can also have a protective effect on your joints.

Not only that, but muscle hypertrophy can also assist with positive body re-composition, meaning the reduction of body fat and the increase of muscle mass.

2. The Science Behind Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle hypertrophy means growing your muscle tissue.

It's not always the case that muscles need to get bigger to get stronger.

However, increasing the size of a muscle almost inevitably increases the strength.

There are 3 ways muscles can be stimulated to change i.e. make them larger or stronger: Stress, Tension and Damage.

Muscles generally get weaker and smaller as you age, so focusing on muscle hypertrophy can offset this decline.

There's no advantage to being frail and weak.

3. NOT a Bodybuilding Program

Cookie-cutter bodybuilding programs are terrible for grapplers. They have too much training load, emphasise mirror muscles, and are about "chasing the pump".

BJJ Jacked leverages the science-based training systems for growing muscle in the right areas, accounts for your grappling training load and includes movements geared toward grappling-specific performance.

4. Not Just a Program

You're not just getting a training program; you're getting a library of resources, video tutorials, courses, instructionals, nutrition, mobility, conditioning resources, coaching support and more.

"Nothing beats a true expert, Kieren’s who I trust for my performance on the mats and who I trust to take care of yours as well."

Jordan Preisinger | Jordan Teaches Jiujitsu on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Coach

Kieren Lefevre is a certified fitness instructor, jiujitsu strength and conditioning coach and ISSN-Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Praise for BJJ Strong Online


This is the best program I’ve done for BJJ, amazing!!

Jordan Preisinger

Nothing beats a true expert, Kieren’s who I trust for my performance on the mats and who I trust to take care of yours as well.


...I’ve bought a lot of programs and such before and this has definitely exceeded my expectations.