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Get Explosive Power for Grappling

Power is essential for grappling performance.

But what is power and how do we train for it?


Power = Force x Velocity

Power is your ability to exert your maximum amount of force in as little time as possible.
You cannot go from 0-100 instantaneously, it takes time.

This is the 'Force Time Curve'. It shows us the average time taken to perform different athletic movements and thus the amount of force produced

But here's the kicker... in jiujitsu time is a luxury that you may not have.

Think for example comparing the time you'd have to:

  • Shoot for a double leg take down (not a lot)

  • Escape a bad position (we could here a while...)

  • Hold someone down in a pinning position

How to Train for Power

Training for power is more than trying to lift weights faster.

Allow me to introduce you to the king of power development...


Ballistic Training


Ballistic training develops your ability to achieve peak force with maximal velocity.

Some examples of ballistic training are plyometric training, medicine ball throws and slams, Olympic Weightlifting and their derivatives, speed barbell movements and resistance band movements.


Strength is still important though!

Before you dive into power training for grappling, you need to ask yourself this question...

"Am I strong enough?"

Research shows that you must be able to barbell back squat at least 1.6x your body weight to benefit from power training versus just training for strength.


To explain this let's take another look at the power equation...

Power = Force x Velocity

In this case Force = Strength. Expressed differently...

Power = Strength x Speed

It doesn't matter if you increase your speed, your power output will be low if your strength is "low".

Or in other words...

If you're not strong, get strong first.

Even if you are training for power you should always include strength training, to be the "bedrock" of your power development.

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