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5 Ways to MOVE Better for BJJ


If you can move your body better, your jiujitsu will get better.


At the highest levels of BJJ, mobility is acknowledged as the key to unlocking the latent potential of some jiujitsu positions (especially guard).


Lachlan Giles has spoken about how stretching and mobility training were vital to levelling his guard.


"If you want the best guard retention, then you should be stretching to make your guard harder to pass..."

- Lachlan Giles.


But all this is easier said than done... What stretches should you be doing? Is stretching enough to make a difference? What is the difference between stretching and mobility training?


In this article, I will take you through the 5 things I did to move better for BJJ.


1. Implement a Warm-Up Mobility Routine Before Class

Adding a dedicated mobility routine before class is an excellent way to get your daily dose of mobility work and prepare for jiujitsu's dynamic positions. 


Choose 2x lower-body and 1x upper-body dynamic movements or stretches, and complete all 3 exercises as a superset for 3 rounds. 


For example:


Complete 3 rounds as a superset:

  1. The Couch Stretch - 30s on each side
  2. Knee Drops - 10 reps 
  3. The Drill Bit - 10 reps in each direction 


This 5-10 minute routine prepares your hips, hip flexors, wrists, and elbows by promoting blood flow to the area, lubricating your joints, and stretching your muscles.


2. Add a Cool-Down Routine After Class

Adding a cool-down routine after jiujitsu training helps your body start the recovery process, relaxes your central nervous system, and allows you to practice static stretching.


I recommend following a similar protocol to the warm-up by choosing 3 movements and doing 3 rounds as a superset. 


Static stretches work best here as our focus is to calm our body and relax into the stretch, as opposed to the warm-up (geared toward preparing your body with dynamic movements). 


For example:


Complete 3 rounds as a superset:

  1. Static Frog Stretch - 30-60s hold
  2. Scorpion Stretch - 30s on each side
  3. Static Hamstring Stretch - 30s on each side


3. Include 'Functional' Movements in Your Weight Training

Firstly, if you're not lifting weights to support your jiujitsu... you should be. 


There's a difference between flexibility and mobility. 


Flexibility is being able to move through a greater range of motion. 


Mobility is moving through a greater range of motion and being strong throughout that range. 


That's where 'Functional Strength Movements' come into play.


Here are just some examples:


If you're interested in a training program focusing on mobility and strength, I recommend BJJ Move.


4. Implement a 10-minute Daily Mobility Routine

The more time you dedicate to unlocking and strengthening your range of motion, the better you'll move on the mats.


Adding a simple, jiujitsu-specific mobility routine in the morning or before bed will ensure you get your daily dose of mobility training and stretching. 


Focus on the areas needing improvement first and expand from there. 


There are two major hurdles with following this recommendation:

  1. Not knowing what to do for the 10 minutes
  2. Establishing the 10-minute mobility routine as a habit


In other words... Not knowing what to do and not having the drive to do it. 


That's why I developed a completely free resource to eliminate these problems: the 30-Day Jiujitsu Mobility Challenge.


This 30-day challenge addresses all the key problem areas that are common among grapplers.


It is designed for jiujitsu athletes to get you moving and feeling better on the mats. 


5. Stop Procrastinating... Do The Work

In true 'Discipline Equals Freedom' style, now you need to do the work. 


If you've made it this far, you clearly care about improving your mobility for jiujitsu. 


You want to move better, feel better and perform better. 


And you now have the blueprint of how to achieve the goal and make real progress. 


Stop Googling for answers, stop procrastinating, and get to work. 


Trust me, you'll thank yourself for it later. 

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