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🤕How to reduce your risk of injury on the mats…


The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #042

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Edition: Friday, November 17th, 2023

It's a reality we can't ignore: injuries in BJJ.

Survey studies indicate that 9 out of 10 grapplers get injured at some point during their BJJ journey.

Other survey studies suggest that there's a startling 60% chance of getting injured in the subsequent 6 months.

While Jiujitsu is undeniably f##kin’ awesome, it doesn't come without risks. However, there’s a silver lining… and that’s what we’re talking about today.


💪🏽Jiujitsu Specific Strength & Conditioning

Ever heard the phrase, "injuries only occur with reckless training partners or spazzy white belts"?

Let's debunk that. It's a simplistic viewpoint, ignoring the comprehensive nature of the sport.

While the sport inherently carries risks, dedicated strength training for BJJ can reduce sports injuries by more than a third and halve overuse injuries. Intrigued? Dive into this comprehensive meta-analysis for a deeper understanding.

🧪Decoding the WHY behind Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning Reduces your risk of Injury:

  1. Boost Muscular Strength: An upsurge in muscle and tendon strength, alongside enhanced bone density, ensures better force absorption, reducing injuries.
  2. Augmented Joint Stability: Ever found your joints in jeopardy during a roll? Jiujitsu-focused strength routines center on stabilizing muscles around joints, fortifying joint stability.
  3. Hone Neuromuscular Coordination: Precision exercises amplify the body's coordination, ensuring apt muscle firing sequences, diminishing non-contact injury risks (think rolling your own ankle from sloppy stand-up).
  4. Elevate Balance & Proprioception: Elevate your game by refining balance and proprioception (body's spatial awareness). This reduces risks of poor landings leading to injuries.

🗺️Guiding your HOW: The Ultimate Training Regimen

Commit to a Jiujitsu-specific training program twice weekly. Wondering where to start?

  1. 🏋🏽‍♂️Compound Movements: Maximize your gains with:
    • Squat Variations
    • Deadlift Variations
    • Upper Body Push and Pull Variations
  2. 🧱Stability Movements: Boost joint stabilization with:
    • Single Leg Deadlift
    • Bottoms-Up Press
    • Single Leg Glute Bridges
    • Split Stance Squats
  3. Essentials: Don't overlook Core/Grip/Carry/Rotation movements. They're indispensable for a BJJ athlete.

As for sets and reps, tailor them to your training goals and cycles. Here’s the good news! I’ve done all this for you, in case you haven’t already you can download a jiujitsu specific S&C program here.

There’s no benefit to being frail and weak and there’s no downside to being stronger than your opponent.

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