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How to Train for Grappling Power s&c

Power is your ability to exert maximal force in as little time or with as much speed as possible.


The ability to apply grappling techniques with maximal strength and speed is a game-changer for your grappling performance.


The Types of Exercises that Develop Explosive Power


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4 Step Blueprint To Get Strong For BJJ s&c

As a jiu jitsu performance coach, I've assisted over one thousand (1,083+) grapplers in their journey to get strong and reduce their risk of injury on the mats over the past three years. 


By the end of this article, you will have the exact roadmap I use to get strong for BJJ. Save...

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Is Running Good For BJJ? s&c

If you find yourself asking the question:


"Is running good for BJJ conditioning?" 


Then the chances are you're gassing out during your jiu jitsu sessions. 


The problem in this case is your "jiu jitsu conditioning".


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Fast BJJ Workouts for Busy People s&c

Lifting weights will reduce your risk of injury on the mats and improve your performance.


But alas, I hear you say, "I don't have time to lift weights!" 


I won't lecture you about how this is an 'excuse'  or copy and paste the response, "Just...

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Attention All 'Unathletic' White Belts!! bjj mindset nutrition s&c

You may have been drawn to jiujitsu because you want to learn self-defence. 


Or you've listened to too many episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience or the Jocko Podcast.


Either way, BJJ is a fantastic way of staying active and 'getting into shape'.


Suppose you've just...

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How To Balance Lifting and BJJ bjj mindset mobility recovery s&c

Grappling training is like doing a full-body workout, sprint training, and endurance, all while getting smashed into the mat. 


No wonder your muscles ache, you have a weird kink in your neck that wasn't there before, and you're dead tired. 


You know that:

  • lifting weights
  • ...
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The 6 Essential Elements of a BJJ Training Program mobility s&c

BJJ demand a lot from your body.


Cookie cutter gym-bro program or strength sport splits don't hold up.


There are 6 essential elements that your training program must have to improve performance (and reduce your risk of injury).


Element 1: Strength...

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Training for Size vs Strength for BJJ s&c

Choosing a program to improve your grappling performance can be confusing. 


Should you lift for strength or size? Like a bodybuilder or like a powerlifter?


Well... both and neither. 


When to Lift for Size

"Larger muscles mean healthier bodies, better sports...

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The Number 1 Reason to Lift Weights for BJJ recovery s&c

BJJ has a high injury rate, and data supports this fact. 


68.8% of grapplers will take at least one 2-week absence from training due to injury over 3 years of grappling. 


Want to hear something crazy? 


The higher your belt level, the more likely...

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How to Unlock and Strengthen Your Guard mobility s&c

One of the best ways to improve guard retention is to keep your knees to your chest. 


Maintaining your guard means keeping your legs between you and your opponent.


There are many different guard retention techniques, but a guiding principle is:


"Keep your knees to your...

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BJJ Strong Online
7 Ways Accidentally Kept Myself Weak for BJJ
7 Ways Accidentally Kept Myself Weak for BJJ s&c

These are the 7 ways I kept myself weak while trying to get strong for BJJ.


I had to learn these lessons the hard way, so I'm sharing them with you so you can learn from my mistakes. 


Number 7 is the most important lesson you can learn. 


1) I...

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If You Are Lifting Weights for BJJ It Is Not Enough... s&c

When I started jiujitsu, I was an arrogant mess.


I wasn't arrogant in my grappling ability (I knew I sucked).


I was arrogant in my ability to train for my sport. 


I had over a decade of training in many different fitness domains including powerlifting, CrossFit, I had...

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