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🥋How to Structure Your Training for a BJJ Comp 🏆


The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #034

Mobility🧘🏽‍♂️ •Strength 💪🏽 •Nutrition 🥑 •Interesting🧐

Edition: Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Are you ready to put some smash on? Let’s dive into how to structure your training block so you head into the comp prepared and ready to dominate.

⚖️Choosing Your Weight Class:

  • Know your body: consider your natural weight, body composition, and performance at various weights.
  • For your first comps, you DON’T need to cut weight, just fight at your “natural weight”
  • If you want to lose weight for health and body composition reasons, then using comp weight brackets can be a good tool/motivation to achieve this but it should not be the “primary reason”
  • Align your training and nutrition with your weight class.

📋Selecting Your Training Program:

  • Assess your performance level across key areas: Strength, Power, Explosiveness, Endurance, VO2 Max, Mobility.
  • Select/develop a training program that aligns with addressing your primary weakness. For example, if your area of performance that needs the most attention is strength then I recommend the BJJ Strong Program on BJJ Strong Online.
  • But if you’re not sure where to start consider the following…

📌 A Comprehensive Comp Prep Program Should Include:

  • 💪 Strength and Conditioning: Boost power and stamina.
  • 🥷 Technical Training: Techniques, sparring, and strategy tuning.
  • 🧘‍♂️ Mobility and Recovery: Improve movement and heal faster.

📈Peaking for Performance:

  • Aim for your best during the competition.
  • Use programs like BJJ Strong and Beast Mode on BJJ Strong Online to prepare.

😪Tapering Off:

  • Reduce training volume 1-2 weeks before the competition, but keep the intensity.
  • Time your training program start right to effectively taper off.
  • In programs like “BJJ Beast Mode” on BJJ Strong Online this is done for you with programmed Deload weeks.

🏆Post-Competition Recovery:

  • Relax! Give your body and mind a break post-comp.
  • Before diving back into training, evaluate your performance. Set new goals based on strengths and areas needing work.

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