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How To Balance Lifting and BJJ bjj mindset mobility recovery s&c

Grappling training is like doing a full-body workout, sprint training, and endurance, all while getting smashed into the mat. 


No wonder your muscles ache, you have a weird kink in your neck that wasn't there before, and you're dead tired. 


You know that:

  • lifting weights
  • ...
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The Number 1 Reason to Lift Weights for BJJ recovery s&c

BJJ has a high injury rate, and data supports this fact. 


68.8% of grapplers will take at least one 2-week absence from training due to injury over 3 years of grappling. 


Want to hear something crazy? 


The higher your belt level, the more likely...

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Mobility and Foam Rolling for Jiujitsu Recovery - What Does the Science Say? 🔬 recovery

The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #039

Mobility‍ •Strength  •Nutrition •Interesting

Edition: Friday, October  27th, 2023

Focus On: Mobility Work

  • What it is: Enhancing your joint's capacity to move through their full range of motion (ROM).
  • Why...
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🥋How to Structure Your Training for a BJJ Comp 🏆 recovery

The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #034

Mobility‍ •Strength  •Nutrition •Interesting

Edition: Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Are you ready to put some smash on? Let’s dive into how to structure your training block so you head into the comp...

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Your Holistic Guide to Jiujitsu Recovery recovery

The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #029

Mobility‍ •Strength  •Nutrition •Interesting

Edition: Friday, August 18th, 2023

Ever thought about how well you bounce back after an intense BJJ training session? How well do you restore your...

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