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Fuel Your Jiujitsu Performance: Avoid These Mistakes!


The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #011

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Edition: Friday, April 14th, 2023

As you may know, proper nutrition is crucial for jiu-jitsu athletes to maintain energy levels, focus, and endurance during training. In this newsletter, we'll cover the top 5 most common nutrition mistakes made by jiu-jitsu athletes and provide tips on how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Not Eating Enough Calories 📉

👉Low energy levels, fatigue, and poor sleep are all signs that you're not eating enough calories.

✔️Use the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calculator to determine the number of calories you should be consuming.

Mistake 2: Focusing on the "Small Stuff" 🥵

👉Meal timing and frequency are not as important as you might think.

✔️Instead, focus on eating enough calories and improving the quality of your food.

Mistake 3: Over-Reliance on Supplements/Protein Powders 🥩

👉Supplements should not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

✔️Focus on improving your nutrition, and then use supplements to complement it.

✔️Prioritize getting your main source of protein from whole foods.

Mistake 4: Inadequate Hydration 💦

👉Dehydration can negatively impact your performance and decision-making capabilities.

✔️Aim to drink about three liters of water per day and implement a rehydration protocol after training.

Jiujitsu players face unique nutritional challenges, but by avoiding these common mistakes, you can optimize your performance and achieve your goals.

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