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"If you do not quit, you will get a black belt"

bjj mindset

Do you think this statement is true?


I don't.


Earning a (real) black belt requires more than "just showing up".


Persistence, consistency, and determination are all prerequisites to a black belt, but they are not the only ingredients required in the BJJ recipe. 


Everyone can agree that if you do quit, you will never achieve a black belt. 


Why do people quit BJJ?

People quit for many reasons:

  • Lose interest in the sport
  • Sick of sucking and losing 
  • Not seeing any progress
  • The "blue belt blues" 
  • Time commitment
  • Life priorities get in the way 
  • Move away from their gym 
  • Injuries


Out of this list, some things are in your control, and some things aren't. 


I can't help you with your life priorities or your "lack of time".


What I CAN help you with is reducing your risk of injury


What To Do About It

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." 


I recently published a video titled "BJJ Injury Risk is Real... Here's What To Do About It" 


In the video, I presented the current body of science on BJJ injury risk and injury risk reduction for sport. 


Here's the footnotes:

  • Injury risk in BJJ is relatively high (68% over 3 years)
  • The majority of injuries come from sparring
  • Submissions, takedowns, and guard passes have the highest risk of injury (in that order)
  • You can reduce your injury risk by 50% by doing sport-specific strength & conditioning.


The best thing you can do to take your risk of injury into your own hands is to put in the work off the mats. 


A minimum effective dose of 2 strength sessions per week is the "price of entry" to training BJJ. 


"Just don't quit" may not be all you need to achieve your black belt, but it's a requirement. 


Don't quit training jiujitsu because of injuries. Lift weights.

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