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Attention All 'Unathletic' White Belts!! bjj mindset nutrition s&c

You may have been drawn to jiujitsu because you want to learn self-defence. 


Or you've listened to too many episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience or the Jocko Podcast.


Either way, BJJ is a fantastic way of staying active and 'getting into shape'.


Suppose you've just...

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Don’t Use Your Strength in BJJ is TERRIBLE Advice bjj mindset

"Don't use your strength when you roll" is terrible advice. 




This "well-intentioned" advice is misleading, ignorant and not at all helpful. 


When I first started training in jiujitsu, I was already physically strong.


I was told that I...

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How To Balance Lifting and BJJ bjj mindset mobility recovery s&c

Grappling training is like doing a full-body workout, sprint training, and endurance, all while getting smashed into the mat. 


No wonder your muscles ache, you have a weird kink in your neck that wasn't there before, and you're dead tired. 


You know that:

  • lifting weights
  • ...
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"If you do not quit, you will get a black belt" bjj mindset

Do you think this statement is true?


I don't.


Earning a (real) black belt requires more than "just showing up".


Persistence, consistency, and determination are all prerequisites to a black belt, but they are not the only ingredients required in the BJJ recipe. 



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đź“…The Best Weekly Training Schedule for BJJđź“… bjj mindset

The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #036

Mobility‍ •Strength  •Nutrition •Interesting

Edition: Friday, October  6th, 2023

I love doing Q&A’s with the jiujitsu community. Not only is it an awesome opportunity to connect with you, it also...

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