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Static vs. Dynamic Stretching for Grapplers


The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #030

Mobility🧘🏽‍♂️ •Strength 💪🏽 •Nutrition 🥑 •Interesting🧐

Edition: Friday, August 25th, 2023


We all know that stretching is important but, do you know which stretch is best suited for which part of your training? Let's tackle the question—Static stretching vs. Dynamic stretching and see how they fit into your BJJ routine! 🥋

🔍 Static Stretching: Your Cool-Down❄️

Picture this—you've just wrapped up an intense rolling session, your muscles feel like they've been through the wringer, and now they deserve some TLC.

This is where Static stretching comes in. Static stretching involves holding a stretch for about 15-30 seconds, aiming to lengthen muscle fibers and boost flexibility. Think of it as a cool-down ceremony for your muscles and to relax your central nervous system after the adrenaline dump of intense grappling rounds.

Examples you could try post-jiujitsu:

  • Static Hamstring stretch: Reach forward to touch your toes while seated with legs outstretched.
  • Static Couch Stretch: Put your knee as close to the wall as you can and come up into the couch stretch position whilst squeezing your glute the entire time (very important).
Image of Kieren performing the static hamstring stretch
Image of Kieren performing the static couch stretch

Remember, while static stretches are great post-workout, they're not recommended before BJJ training, as they might decrease your muscle strength and power. 🏋️‍♂️

🔍 Dynamic Stretching: Your Warm-Up 🔥

Now let's say you're gearing up for an intense training session. Your muscles need to get in the groove, and what better way than Dynamic stretching? These stretches involve moving your muscles and joints through their full range of motion, almost like an introduction into the movements you'd perform during your training. This warms up the muscles and gets the blood flowing.

Examples to try pre-jiujitsu:

  • Belt Shoulder Dislocates: With your hands approximately 1.5x shoulder width apart pass your jiujitsu belt or a band over your head, make sure you’re just outside of the “sticking point” to get the most benefit from this movement.
  • Knee Drops: Starting in a deep squat positioning drive one knee at a time forward over your big toe so it lightly touches the mat then return to the squat position and repeat on the other side for reps.
Image of Kieren performing the static hamstring stretch
Image of Kieren performing the static couch stretch

These dynamic stretches prep your muscles for the workout ahead, improve your range of motion, and even reduce injury risk! 💪

So remember, while static stretching helps you cool down post-jiujitsu, dynamic stretching gets you prepped and ready pre-jiujitsu. They're two sides of the same coin—different, but both essential for your well-rounded BJJ routine! 🥋

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Until next week, remember to train hard, roll safe, and stretch right! 🤼‍♀️

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