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Fixing Sore Elbows from Jiujitsu + Top 5 Strength Exercises for BJJ and more!

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The BJJ Performance Tip of the Week | #002

Mobility🧘🏽‍♂️ •Strength 💪🏽 •Nutrition 🥑 •Interesting🧐

Edition: Friday, November 25th, 2022


1.) Sore Elbows? This ones for you…

When I first started training BJJ I constantly had sore elbows, and no it wasn’t from trying to fight out of armbars! (most of the time anyway…)

It’s a really common problem to have and there are a bunch of different reasons and causes some are gripping too tight, overuse, isometric tension as well as DOMS from constantly using your arms to frame.

So I leaned on the physio expert Kelly Starrett and some other movements that I picked up along the way to put together a “Elbow Fix” guide video.

It features both the use of mobility tools like foam rollers, peanuts and trigger balls, as well as a gear free section in case you haven’t picked up any mobility gear (which you should! More on this later).

Check out the full video here 👇


2.) Top 5 Strength Exercises for BJJ

If you want to get STRONG for BJJ you need to cover all your bases and select exercises that will “move the needle” for strength gains but also have the exercise “mimic BJJ” in some form and have crossover.

If you lean too far to either of those two essential criteria you end up with exercises that may have application for the sport but aren’t really the best use of your time in the gym to get stronger or on the flip side, it’ll make you stronger, but be less applicable to your sport.

I made this Venn Diagram to illustrate the point. In yellow, there’s traditional exercises that will make you stronger, in red are exercises that “mimic” BJJ, it’s where these two worlds overlap is where you’ll find the best strength exercises for BJJ.


3.) The 5 Pillars of BJJ Nutrition

I put together a free eBook resource on what I call the “5 Pillars of BJJ Nutrition”.

They are:

  1. Eat for Performance
  2. Establish your Baseline
  3. What To Eat
  4. When to Eat
  5. Putting it All Together

This mini 10 page resource was put together as a “quick start” guide to leveling up your nutrition and will serve and BJJ practitioner well in improving their performance on and off the mats.

It’s completely free and you can grab the direct download here 👇

4.) Special Forces Operator - Nick -MACHINE- Lavery 


A little while ago, Jocko Willink featured on his podcast Nick -MACHINE- Lavery and yes this guys name suits him to the core! This man is a literal MACHINE.

Not to tell Nick’s story for him, but he is an US Army Green Beret who lost his leg above the knee in a firefight in Afghanistan. As an amputee he went through a crazy self imposed journey filled with pure determination and resilience to return to active duty back on the front lines as a special forces operator with freakin’ 1 leg! Insane!

Oh and did I mention that he’s a BJJ Purple Belt.


And I highly recommend checking out his book “Objective Secure”, I’m part way through reading it and will definitely be covering it in detail soon.

Nick is definitely a prime fit for “Something Interesting” haha! Check out his YouTube channel by clicking here. 

Get after it!💪🏽

Kieren Lefevre

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